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Despite moving nearly 26 times, Katy Steinberg names Winter Park, FL as the place she is “from.” That said, she and her two children have been in Daytona Beach area for 12 years or “my whole life” as the kids would say.  Katy has completed a bachelors in Business with minors in Mass Communications and Economics from the University of Florida, and a Masters in Divinity from Columbia and University of Dubuque seminaries. Amongst her social contacts, it became clear, that there were inadequate venues for spiritual exploration for people who didn’t feel like they fit or didn’t feel welcome in churches. From this consensus, an idea was born for Missing Peace.  A place where doubter and disciple could both gather for spiritual practices, physical activities, cerebral discussions, and serving opportunities.  To do this, they began meeting in August of 2015 as a nomadic community of sorts that would gather weekly and travel the area seeking these different experiences in order to connect with each other and the divine in meaningful ways. (Learn more from the book Pink Haired Mermaid Baby Jesus)While the pandemic shook this all up, the group continues to gather through facebook live for a weekly sunrise service, and monthly for community activities. If there is anything Katy loves more than leading unique expressions of faith in community, it’s coaching individuals and institutions toward their unique calling in the world. Most recently, she has come on board as Senior Pastor at  First Presbyterian of Daytona Beach to re-envision what it means to be church there, in addition to being a CoCreator for Daytona Pride, and a regular contributor on the Boss Lady Podcast. Email us for more info and/or follow the socials below!

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