Coaching is a unique opportunity for individuals and institutions to explore their unique gifts and calling. Unlike mentoring or consulting where the expert is the service provider, a coach recognizes the client as the expert in their own environment/experience/giftedness. The coaches job is then to hold the space and ask the questions that provoke discernment and clarity about next steps toward living into purpose.

Katy has been coaching pastors and churches since 2018, and takes great joy in walking with people and teams in their discernment. Email us at for more information or to book coaching with Katy. See below for feedback from her clients.

What people are saying…

I have really enjoyed working with you on the coaching sessions for First Presbyterian Church of Daytona Beach.  Your enthusiasm, energy and ideas have really helped us form a game plan moving forward.  You have a gift of encouragement to others and have guided us to discover our passions and positive attributes for which we can use to become better people and a church as a whole.  I love the way you help find the energy in the room and then help direct the focus toward that energy.  Your coaching at FPCDB has truly been a blessing. God Bless,T.B.

When this was first suggested “coaching” I thought, I love Katy but really how in the world will coaching help us at First Pres?
Well I was wrong.  Katy helped us focus, which at times we found it hard to do, but she always brought us back to where we should be.  Always “there is enough time; you have enough people, energy, etc. for God to work; trust the process and release”
From our earlier “envisioning process” we had several areas to concentrate on and those people who indicated in that process to either head up that area or be a worker bee.  Did everyone who indicated an interest turn out to be the person we needed?  No, but Katy kept reminding us that there is enough time and we have enough people so trust the process and then release.
While it remains a work in progress, mainly because of the ongoing pandemic, we have a new Little Free Library and a new Children’s Little Free Library both built and erected by a member; we have people writing notes to those charities who use our campus free of charge after we sought them out, we are endeavoring to work with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Volusia County, we are exploring a hearing impaired ministry, building on our new hearing loop in the sanctuary, we are exploring for the fall the continuation of our Kids Klub to neighboring kids who are not churched, a community faith worship service to include the Hungarians, Kenyans who worship regularly at First Pres and to also include those that use our facility on a regular basis.
God is using First Pres and THERE IS ENOUGH TIME!
Thank you Katy.  We really needed to be “coached” even though we did not know it. Love. NG

I have had three coaches in my life, a field hockey coach, a vocal coach and you as leadership and think outside the box Christian coach. Coaching is not an easy job whether it is a team or a single individual.  I enjoyed working with my other two coaches but your ability to lead a group  to envision possibilities is outstanding.  Your enthusiasm is contagious and your ability to keep everyone on track was  remarkable.  You put the task before us, presented the problem and then asked us to decide how to move forward.  Your laughter and smile just made the meetings a very happy place encouraging us  to use our time wisely      
  Thank you, C.B.