Podcast Segment

The idea of a Missing Peace podcast has been floating around almost as long as Missing Peace has. Finally, in 2020, we began talking to some local podcast producers and hosts to learn what it might take. Through those conversations, we were offered a segment on an existing national podcast called The Boss Lady Podcast. This will give us the space to try out podcasting, without the huge investment it takes to create a professionally produced cast. What a gift! Special thanks to Teresa Rand Consulting for giving us this shot, and to Central Florida Presbytery for helping offset some of the costs through a grant. 


February 2021

How to Oppose your ‘Opposition’ in a Healthy Wa‪y (go to the 8:33 mark to jump right into the message)

January 2021

Work is Not a Four Letter Word (Katy is cohost on this episode, but you can jump into the message at the 9:30 minute mark)

December 2020

Now What?! Reflection on 2020 (go to the 11:44 minute mark to jump right in to the message)

November 2020

Make Space for More of You (go to the 14:07 minute mark to jump right in to the message)